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Electric Twin Double Hot Plate

Fee: £ 5.00 for 7 days

Location: Clockyard @ Rowleys
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Quest
Code: BP-0216

Power: 2500W, Non-slip feet

Cord length: 0.9M Approx, On/Off indicator lights

Large hob: 1500W, Small hob: 1000W

Colour box size: 48.7 (L) x 8 (W) x 31 (H) cm

Overheat protection, Non-stick coating – easy to clean
This twin hob is perfect for those cosy kitchen spaces, caravans or mobile hobs where space is limited! It is also perfect in tight situations where the cooker has broken and you are stuck!

As the hobs are easily portable as well as easy to store, they are handy in all situations and for all homes!

Features and Specifications:

Ideal For - Ideal for compact kitchens, mobile homes, caravans or in those emergencies when your cooker stops working.

Quick And Easy To Set Up - All you need to do is plug it in, heat it up and that's it

Thermostatically Controlled - There are 2 hobs, one being 1000w (small), the other 1500w (large) and each hob has 5 temperature settings to allow you to cook any food you want to easily and with control.

User manual No manual available, please exercise caution when using as item gets hot.

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