Thank you for visiting this page and showing an interest. Currently we are not looking for any new volunteers at this time, but please look out for future announcements on our homepage, here and social media pages.

Since Benthyg Cymru's beginning, volunteers have been an essential resource. By volunteering, you are not only helping a local community through community involvement, you will be developing new skills and broadening your own horizons.

We recognise and value those who have a wide range of hands-on practical and inter-personal skills, many of which can be done from home. We will need a committed team of volunteers to deliver and maintain a high-quality and reliable service. 

Volunteers will be given an induction and ongoing support, as well as the opportunity to select a role to which they feel most suited. Training can also be provided for certain skills.

You must be 18+ to become a volunteer.

Some of the skills we need to sustain Benthyg Penarth will include the following:

- Hosting / Reception / Front of House - Helping members borrow things and chatting to visitors and passers by about the project.

- Social Media - Shouting about how awesome Benthyg Penarth is and what we have to offer, tagging in other Benthygs and other local causes we associate with.

- Administration / Organisation - Helping keep us super streamlined and efficient, paperwork and online.

- Events - Organising events to share skills and showcase our things, or helping to staff a stand at one.

- Pop-up location staffing - This would include locations around Penarth / CF64, either for our own showcase events or part of a larger event. We may also ask for assistance for other locations within the Vale of Glamorgan as part of the wider promotion of Benthyg Cymru across the area. Travel options would be included where applicable.

- Repairer / Fixer / Tester - Work together to troubleshoot, fix and maintain our things. Training can be provided for some of these.

- Skill Sharer - Plan and host practical events on DIT, sewing, gardening, basic item maintenance or up-cycling.

- E-Bike Deliveries / Collections - Going around Penarth ( / CF64 area) on our e-cargo bike to make sure everyone can benefit from borrowing. Training for riding it provided.

- E-Van Driver - The E-van will not only allow us to transport larger items, but also go further afield than the CF64 area for deliveries & collections (including donations), as well as visiting other locations for pop-ups. Full driving licence required.

If the above has caught your interest and you would like to get involved, please complete this


and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please also register with our website as part of the process. We will then contact you to arrange an induction session at our location.


Team Benthyg Penarth