Welcome to Benthyg Penarth!

Gwyrddio Penarth Greening and Benthyg Cymru bring you a Library of Things where you can:

  • Borrow things you need but don't own
  • Donate things you own but don't need
  • Meet people to share knowledge and skills with your community
  • Be part of a growing movement to reduce waste and reuse products for the betterment of the environment.

Where is Benthyg Penarth?

We are now based at "The Garage @ The Kymin" on Beach Rd, Penarth[1].

We also have an e-cargo bike for free deliveries & collections of borrows & donations within the CF64 postcode, and an e-van which we will be putting into regular service soon for larger items and further travels.

We will hopefully soon be operating satellite Pop-Ups in and around the Penarth Area & local Vale of Glamorgan.


[1] Previously we were based in "The Clock Yard @ Rowleys", a community hub based within Rowley’s the Jewellers on Glebe Street (Apr21-Mar22).


Can I borrow now?

Yes! sign up to our website, browse our catalogue, and make a reservation.

To get the items you can either pick them up from us, or we can deliver them to you (restrictions may apply)

Our regular opening hours at The Garage @ The Kymin are:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 12pm - 4pm

Saturday 12pm - 2pm.

Car park will be open for visitors to us during those times.

E-Bike Courier Service for (CF64 postcode only) available:

Wednesday & Saturday[2]

Delivery of larger items by our E-Van and other means are by arrangement,

Out of hours deliveries & collections (including by the borrower ) by special arrangement can be requested.


[2] While listed as 12-2 on these days, these Bike Runs may need to occur after these times if no volunteers are available. Please watch our Facebook Page for any such announcements.


How Can I Borrow? 

In order to borrow, you will need to Register with our site and create a Membership Account (see How to Register for a walkthrough). We can also do this for you - please speak to one of our representatives when & where available.

You need to:

  • Be 18 or over
  • Have an email address
  • Provide a postal address[3] (Contact phone no. also requested)
  • Read and Agree to our Terms & Conditions (Borrower's Agreement).
  • Sign the Liability Waiver[4]

The first time you borrow an item, you will need to bring in photo ID such as a driving licence or passport, or utility bill.


[3] You do not have to be a resident of the CF64 area, though this will give you restrictions on item deliveries & collections. You should also check our main Benthyg Cymru site to see if there is one nearer you (though not all catalogues are the same)

[4] A printable copy of the Borrower's Agreement is sent with every reservation email. You can either print off the last page, sign and hand it over upon receipt of your borrow, or we can provide one for you. You will only need to do this for your first loan. The Person signing this MUST be the account holder (Please Contact Us if you are not the one making the first collection!)


Do I have to pay to join?

    Membership is FREE If you're joining for personal use, there's no charge. You only pay for the borrows.

    If you're joining to borrow items for a  business, we'll ask for a small Joining Fee. 

    Do I have to pay to borrow?

    Yes, there is a small fee for borrowing each item, which will be indicated with the catalogue listing. Fee is set per indicated borrowing period length. [5]

    The fee can be paid with Cash, Credit/Debit Card[6], Time Credits, Volunteering Time or Skill Sharing & Benthyg Gift Vouchers.


    [5] Fees are applied to the length of borrowing period indicated with the item and may be adjusted if your loan period is different to this. Borrowing over multiple periods (Loan Extensions) will alter this fee, applying a full or part fee, depending on extended length.

    Total fees are calculated upon checkout. Note this may involve some rounding up from indicated total as we have a minimum item borrowing fee policy of £1 on most items.

    Discounts may also be available if booking multiple items at once (KIT items), or by us through, promotions, special arrangements or other reasons.

    [6] Card payments are not available as standard for courier deliveries yet. Cash or the other methods listed are acceptable.


    Why do you charge a fee to borrow?

    We want to keep all of the items in use for as long as possible so that everyone has an opportunity to use them when they need to.  The small amount of money we make from borrowing fees goes towards covering some of our costs such as maintaining and repairing items, storing them safely and paying for insurance.  If you can't afford the borrowing fees, please get in touch and we'll find a way to help.

    How do I donate an item?

    We are currently on the lookout for donations across all categories.  If you've got something you think someone might want to borrow, let us know. Please read Donating Items for more details of what we can and cannot take, and how to let us know you what you've got to offer.

    Who is running this project?

    Benthyg Penarth is part of the Benthyg Cymru network. It works in partnership / collaboration with other local projects and organisations around Wales with compatible goals and initiatives as a way of strengthening their causes, increasing their presence and opportunities within their local communities, and for sharing knowledge, resources and members.

    Benthyg Cymru has one simple goal: to make borrowing as easy as popping out for a loaf of bread.

    Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) runs this branch of the network.

    GPG is a community group based in Penarth. We aim to raise awareness of climate issues and look at ways that we can all live a more sustainable life. 

    (GPG also help run the Penarth branch of the Repair Café Wales & Friends of The Kymin community group - an extension of Penarth Growing Community)

    This project is funded by Natural Resources Wales and the Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme managed by WCVA.

    What does Benthyg mean?

    Benthyg (pronounced ben-thig) is a Welsh word meaning BORROW or LEND.