Donating Items to Us

Most of the items we have in our catalogue are second-hand donations to us. We are always looking to expand our catalogue (and those of our other locations - see

Donation Agreement Form

Electronic Form 

This form will need to be completed and signed upon handover. You can download a copy to bring with you here

Before Donating to US.

    Check the lists below to see what we could take, and what we cannot take.

    The types of items we take have a practical reuse value, i.e. something people would find useful to borrow.

    • Items MUST be in a working and usable condition with no known faults.
    • All items should be complete, or at least with easily replaceable parts.
    • Items that require consumables/add-on accessories (e.g. cleaning fluid, batteries replacement sanding sheets) can be accepted without these.
    • Where possible please include a manual / instructions.
    • All electrical items will be PAT tested.
    • COSTUMES MUST HAVE THE CE & FIRE LABELS PRESENT. We will be unable to accept costumes that have had these tags removed.


      If you think you have an item we could add that you would like to donate to us, please email us with the following information:

      • Name/Type of item
      • Brief description (e.g. is is electrical, battery powered, what it is used for (if unclear).
      • Approximate dimensions of the item
      • Whether this item would require a vehicle to move, two person lift or any other safety issues it may have.
      • If you would like us to pick it up or are happy to drop it to our location.

      You do not have to be registered with us in order to donate. All donations will require you to sign a Borrower's Agreement stating you are freely relinquishing the item to us.

      We may also ask if you are happy for your donation to be passed on to one of our other locations.

      You also have the option of having the item tagged to your account so that any time it is borrowed, you receive an email notification alerting you to this (this requires you to be registered with our site, and you can have a Donator Membership - no borrowing).

      Handing over your Item(s) to us

      Once we have agreed to take it we offer several options:

      • You bring the item(s) to our location at The Kymin during opening hours (parking available).
      • We pick up the item. This can either be arranged for one of our e-bike runs (if it can be safely carried on it), OR using our e-van. Pick-up times can be arranged outside of normal operation hours.
      • If a LARGE ITEM we may arrange drop-off directly to our Large Item store at St Luke's Garage.

      • Pick-ups could be done outside of the CF64 area using our e-van (note, we share our e-van with Barry Benthyg, so cover The Vale of Glamorgan between us. We can take donations for Barry, or you could contact them directly).
      • Pick-ups could be done from Cardiff (or alternatively contact ACE / Mobile Benthyg @ The Dusty Forge and arrange to donate to them).
      • All other locations please contact your nearest Benthyg (see link at top of page)

      The types of items we CANNOT take include:

      • AS OF FEBRUARY 2024 We are currently not taking for our location any kitchenware items associated with food prep (e.g. blenders, dehydrators, ice-makers etc.) Electrical or manual. Note other Libraries of things in the network may take them. Please contact them direct to enquire.
      • Baby equipment such as travel cots, sleep aids, bouncy chairs and door bouncers. (We may be able to accept robust plastic toys if they are in good condition).
      • Hazardous equipment such as chain saws and anything that needs a licence to operate.
      • Diesel or petrol-powered items that are likely to be stored with fuel in them.
      • Flammable items & chemicals e.g. gas canisters, meths burners etc. (Things like camping stoves are acceptable without the gas).
      • Medical, surgical, dental, pharmaceutical or therapeutic products designed or prescribed by a medical professional (generic products such as crutches are likely to be acceptable).
      • Safety critical equipment (such as cycle helmets, climbing harnesses, car child seats...)
      • Items for where there may be hygiene issues (e.g. hair-care equipment, dental equipment etc).
      • Books, DVDs or other similar media.
      • Large Domestic Appliances (White Goods) that are not considered portable.
      • Bric-a-brac and non-functional items.
      • General Furniture (portable 'camping style' may be accepted).
      • Food & Drink
      • Other items not listed here will be assessed on an individual basis.

      Things we could take:

      • See our catalogue for the types of items we already have to give you a guide as to what we may also take.
      • We may also accept items that could be used for by us for admin / event displays, such as pop-up stands, office supplies and other helpful things.
      • If in doubt, simply Contact Us to discuss your donation, OR pop over to The Kymin when we are open.

      Thank you for considering us. We at Benthyg are part of the local, national & global drive to reduce waste by reusing items. By donating to us you will be a part of this too.