Benthyg at The Kymin

We are now based at THE KYMIN GARAGE (The Kymin), BEACH ROAD, PENARTH, CF64 1JX

This is the garage at the top of the driveway NOT the house itself.

Access to the Site

During our opening hours (Wed-Fri 12-4, Sat 12-2) the car park will be accessible via the entrance on BEACH ROAD. PARKING is for customers & visitors to us only. (Note for Sat Nav users, the postcode takes you to Beach Lane, which is behind the Kymin and only has a foot entrance).

Please note entrance and exit is situated on a semi-blind corner. LEFT TURN ONLY when Exiting.

Car park is NOT available for general public parking for things like the Promenade or Pier. Bollards should be up outside of our hours (unless The Kymin is being used for other purposes, but access will still be restricted to authorised vehicles only). We are not responsible for any vehicles parked there, especially not associated with our presence or services, or parked outside of our hours.

ALTERNATIVE FOOT ENTRANCE: via Beach Hill Lane / Kymin Terrace.


Items marked as "By Arrangement" are not stored at The Kymin. These are mostly LARGE ITEMS too big to be kept there or transport via our e-bike.

In order to make a reservation of them, please Contact Us (either by email or Facebook Messenger) at least 48hrs in Advance so we can arrange to either:

- transfer them to the Kymin for your pick-up during our opening hours,

- have you pick them up from their storage location (outside of opening hours)

- have them delivered to you (times negotiable).

(Please note at this time we have not set a specific day for e-van deliveries at this time).


  • item catalogue number & name (or include page link)
  • dates you wish to borrow from/too
  • preferred method of acquiring the item
  • Please also ensure you let us know your account name and email address, especially if contacting us via Facebook Messenger. We will use these to set up the reservation for you.

E-Bike Deliveries & Pick-ups

Wed 12-2, Sat 12-2

PLEASE BOOK at least 48hrs in Advance! (by Monday for Wednesday and Thursday for Saturday)

We cannot guarantee exactly when delivery/pick-up will occur within this time, as this will depend on number of items booked into those slots. E-Bike runs are made by our volunteers. E-Bike will only operate within the CF64 area.

E-van will eventually operate within The Vale & could also deliver to Cardiff - we are still in the process of setting this up so please wait for further details.

(Please also consider borrowing from Barry Benthyg or ACE [Cardiff] Benthyg if they are closer and have the required items available).

Item Donations

If you would like to donate items you think we can add to our catalogue, please read Donating Items